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Olympus Stylus Tough TG-Tracker Review 2017

The traveler and the instigators of outdoor activity is active, where Action Cam is replacing the function of DSLR camera. Yes, to document the various activities, the traveler is no longer willing to carry the camera with a heavy and large tonnage, if the Action Cam was still able to record images and videos with high quality. Therefore, the trend in the last three years of Action Cam, indirectly video cameras have eroded its market share and DSLR, really?

From GoPro Hero 4, XIAOMI Yi, and Sony 4K X1000VR action cam which is very popular among travelers and instigators of outdoor activities. At the same time, long ago it introduced the Olympus underwater and outdoor compact camera series, tough Olympus Stylus series that have a hold on all-terrain and harsh conditions though.

Olympus Stylus tough TG- Tracker uses in a variety of conditions

However, Olympus does not seem to want to miss the trend, the Stylus series difficult to exist as an outdoor camera and underwater, on the re-designed to be more like a work of the built-in camera. CHIP video images emerged got the first chance to try out the durability is expected Olympus Stylus tough TG- Tracker tough competitor from GoPro Hero series.
The first impression of TG- Tracker is a microcosm of the outdoor camera tough TG-4, was given a similar design and appearance, but in different sizes.

The Olympus Stylus processing difficult TG- Tracker with image resolution 8 megapixels (still image) with a sensor 1 / 2.3. The outdoor camera is also possible to record video 4K / 30p and 1080 / 60p for. And provides f / 2.0 aperture, it is suitable for low-light conditions with the Contact Group of 13.9mm. Other benefits such as outdoor camera is resistant in depths of up to 30M (100 ft) of water, a drop of 2.1M ketinggan (7ft), and contract when used in cold conditions up to 10C (14F +).

All photos in this article were taken using TG- Tracker with good results to some extent. In fact, while trying in low light conditions in the room, although the results are still reliable (see photo above right). This is because TG- Tracker backed open aperture F / 2.0 lens in 1,58mm (which is equivalent to 35MM 13,9mm at the lens).

Unlike most action camera on the market today, and has been equipped with Olympus Stylus tough TG- Tracker with 1.5-inch LCD screen flip departure (but non-rotating), and is equipped with a powerful built-in lights 30 and 60 lumens can (use lamp).

A comprehensive range of point of view to 204 degrees. If you need to look more narrow, you can set the menu

Wiide ViewPoint

TG- Tracker using the lens cover with wide viewing up to 204 degrees Celsius angle, but if you are using the installer (s), the coverage will be reduced to 126 ° C, and will be back jiga used in the water to 84 degrees to reduce the image feature.

As the name implies, the Olympus Stylus tough TG- Tracker, and the work of the cam Olympus mainstay of the traveler or activity penggiar outdoors to upload the tracking and explore the road paths. When testing in the field using an Olympus application image path (OI track), we can determine the location and the position where we can also keep track of our passage.

Action feature track sensor system, is the difference between TG- Tracker with its competitors. At least, there are six Trace feature embedded in TG- Tracker, among other things, GPS, e.Compass, acceleration, temperature sensors, barometric pressure sensor (height and depth), and water that works when used in water sensor (Underwater).

Olympus Stylus tough TG- Tracker

+ + Advantages + +

+ 4K video
+ e.Compass & gps tracker that can save
+ Body very tough (to depths of 30 meters do not need housing)
+ The quality of photos and videos produced good

- - Deficiency - -

- Distorted into the consequences that must be accepted
- The screen can not be rotated up to 270 °

Olympus Stylus tough TG- Tracker Specification

Lens : with 204 ° viewing angle, f2.0 fixed focus
Sensor : 1 / 2.3 "BSI CMOS Image Processor TruePic ™ VII for 4K
Image Quality: Video Quality 4k 30p, 60p 1080 / 30p, 720, 240p / 120P / 60p / 30p, 480, 240p / 120P / 60p / 30p
Hold in the water :  up to 30 meters without housing
Durable and impact (Shockproof) : 2.1 meter without housing
LCD screen : 1.5 "Tilt-Out
Feature : Action Track Sensors: GPS, e.Compass, Accelerometer, Barometric Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Water Sensor, There is a data logging function, LED Headlight

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Olympus Stylus Tough TG-Tracker Review 2017
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