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Olympus PEN F Review 2017

In celebration of 53 years of production of one camera lens reflex (SLR) Olympus PEN F 35MM analog, and the 80th anniversary of Olympus. In early 2016, Olympus introduced the reincarnation of the legendary camera. Not half-hearted, a camera manufacturer that has been a leader in the camera without a mirror, of the same name, and a copy of a digital Olympus PEN F.

Since 2004, Olympus DSLR camera slowly stop production and start producing mirrors the exchange lens cameras. Olympus is very confident with the built-in camera Micro Four Thirds sensor system mirrors or Micro 4/3 (17.4mm x 13mm f). As a result, the PEN series and OM-D to the compact system camera without a mirror with the best performance for the traveler and professional.

Olympus himself seems confident of classic design cameras, retro. Earlier, when the design of the competitors camera without a mirror with a futuristic design and modern, and a series of Olympus OM-D was released in two different colors, silver and black. The Flasgship of Olympus, success in the market worldwide, the choice of professional photographers, as well as excited.

Olympus PEN F 35MM (1963)

If we look back, and 35 MM Olympus PEN F which was produced for the first time in 1963, includes the first system of Olympus SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses. At that time, the design of the Olympus PEN F may be more modern than the previous camera (the hole and dark). On the contrary, if you look at the Olympus PEN digital F which will soon be released in Indonesia, and most likely I will tell you that classic or reactionary. Because, when it became the prevailing trend among competitors Olympus to design a camera that modern design, aerodynamics, ergonomics, and perhaps the future.

Advanced cameras in the Classic body wrap

For nearly two months, chip video images the opportunity to do a review of the Olympus PEN F and, in the April 7 2016, I also had to try to turn off the camera's capabilities. The first impression when you try, not much different from the previous PEN series. However, there are several things that make this F PEN should be appreciated, a speed autofocus, and the richness of its features, as well as its electronic viewfinder.

Although the compact body to some extent, the Olympus PEN F is comfortable in the hand. However, it needs to adapt to a longer period, because there is no hand grip on the front of the camera. However, when shooting with a panning technique using a continuous mode, the Olympus PEN fairly stable in the hand. Cameras comes the company made by Olympus launch, perform well when used for panning, and private support panning detection feature that works automatically.

(Photo: Rahmat Koes / CHIP Photo)
The auto-detection function for panning on the Olympus PEN F excellent. Photographers no longer need to perform manual settings to lock the focus on an object that will move. Technical data: m. Zuiko 17mm lens - F20 - 1/30 - ISO 250.

This series is supported by the above pictures taken with the panning technique with automatic panning detection, using a continuous mode up to 10 frames per second. Focus on the conditions that require the speed, the Olympus PEN F very useful for photographers. With shutter speeds of 1/8000 second that can expand with an electronic shutter up to 1/16000, it is designed PEN F also with 81 focus points, the order of quite easily.

Big decision is not only a sense

Many people say that the sensor full-frame in the camera can make images to be nice. This is an assumption which is definitely not true. Sensor works to replace the cinemas, but this does not mean that good or bad is measured from the image sensor size. Specifically, the design of the camera sensor with millions of sensitive diodes to light or dikneal as pixels. Thus, the number of one pixel which shows details and pictures, which means higher resolution, larger image for printing.

This is what makes Olympus sure to keep Thirds Micro Four sensors in the latest its camera range. It was not equipped with the exception of the Olympus PEN F sensor Micro 4/3, but with a large rosolusi, 20 megapixel. The Olympus PEN E-P5 and even OM-D E-M5 Mark II, Olympus instill series only a resolution of 16 megapixels. And make clear the seriousness of the Olympus PEN F as a system camera with no mirror the performance of professionals.

(Photo: Rahmat Koes / CHIP Photo)
In low-light conditions once, Olympus PEN F capture the intensity of natural light possible. Does not offer some of the points of light, it can still be seen with very good detail. Technical data: M.Zuiko 17mm f F9 - 1/15 - ISO 80.

Different feature for maximum creativity

The camera is definitely not just an image, and more camera function to the casting of creation and expression. There are many ways to be creative, and senior photographer dervishes Triadi For example, as the Olympus PEN F, the dervishes Triadi often leak creativity through images portraiture his distinctive and elegant.

I had the opportunity to try out all the features on your camera system Olympus PEN F. in the front part of the body PEN F, there is a lever to stimulate the development of color, monochrome, art and color create a filter (CRT). The third candidate in the simulator, I personally love the excitement offered Art Filters and monochrome.

Monochrome is capable of producing monochrome images are very mature and develop, so that photographers no longer need to deal with it in software. And even with art filters, photographers and enthusiasts will be able to take all the creativity of photography, according to individual taste.

(Model: Stephanie - Photo: Rahmat Koes / CHIP Photo)
Using Diorama Art Filter II, Part (back) will witness a regular blur (right and left). In addition, the resulting color more contrast, there are the traditional framework in the edges of the image. Technical data: 17mm lens and M.Zuiko - F4.5 - 1/160 sec - ISO 250.

(Photo: Rahmat Koes / CHIP Photo)
Olympus PEN F performance is still well on ISO 16000. This has really started to look like the noise in dark areas, but they can be reduced well. Technical data: Lens M.Zuiko - F22 - 1/13 second - ISO 16000.

(Photo: Rahmat Koes / CHIP Photo)
Color mode on the Olympus PEN F works well. The intensity of natural and mature color, be a plus for this camera. Technical data: 17mm lens and M.Zuiko - F4 - 1/100 sec - ISO 16000.

With support for a variety of these features, the Olympus PEN F suitable for street photography. However, it is possible to use it for "hard work" even once. Such as weddings, travel, portraiture, food, fashion, and commercial photography shoot, because the size of the image produced by the SF + RAW is possible to print in the size of a single panel images. In addition, the Olympus PEN F also comes with a variety of features to support creativity in the video recording, among other stop motion, high-speed video at 120fps w to record slow motion.

According to the plan, the Olympus PEN F will go on sale in Indonesia in late April elegant 2016 classic cameras will be priced this, by 18.8 million rupiahs (body only) and 21.7 million rupiahs for Olympus PEN F equipped with a lens M.Zuiko 17mm and F1.8. Other performances, there is a package of Olympus PEN F and accompanied by two lenses, a M.Zuiko F1.8 17mm Wu and 45 mm F1.8 M.Zuiko offered at a price of 22.8 million rupiahs or US$ 1950,00.

+ + Advantages + +

+ Resolution of up to 20 Megapixel
+ Shutter speed up to 1/16000
+ ISO up to 25,600
+ The classic design elegant
+ Equipped with many new features
+ Autofocus is fast with automatic panning detection
+ Full HD video that is equipped with high-speed mode and stop motion
+ Shutter Speed ​​up to 1/16000

- - Deficiency - -

- No hand grip on the front of the camera
- Batteries tend wasteful mirrorless class, can only be used for 250s of photos
- The performance of Wi-Fi is not connected properly to the Olympus Image Share apps on smartphones
- Not to be equipped with the Weather and Water resistant


SeriesOlympus PEN-F
Resolution20.30 Megapixel
Sensor sizeMicro Four Thirds (MFT or Micro 4/3 of 17.4mm x 13mm)
Image Stabilizer5 axis image Stibilization with automatic panning detection
ViewfinderElectronic Viewfinder 2.3 million dot OLED
LCD3 inch with a 1:04 million dots
ISO200 to 25.600 (expandable from 80-25600)
Continuous mode10 frames per second (can be maximized up to 20 frames per second with electronic shutter)
Dimensions125 x 72 x 37mm
Weight434 g
PriceBody Only : 18millions rupiahs | US$ 1500
With M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8 : US$ 1760
With M.Zuiko 17mm F1.8, and M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 : US$ 1950

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Olympus PEN F Review 2017
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