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Bose QuietComfort 35 Review 2017

After released a headset with a noise-canceling feature, Bose Now think of to make it better. The way for the release of the rope and make it wireless with ease. Fred Boss still provide port cable. The result is the Bose QuietComfort 35. QuietComfort 35 are still using the old design that is lightweight design and built using quality materials. But, what about the performance after the release of the rope?

Old fancy design

To design and Bose QuietComfort 35 is over-ear headphones with a form that is relatively compact. Headphones in dark colors are also very lightweight, weighing only 235 grams. Although not too much to ask of color combinations, Bose QuietComfort 35 luxurious looks. Soft coating on the headband wrapped in Alcantara, a substance often used by luxury products worldwide sports car. While the material earpad using synthetic leather that wraps the silicone ears to stifle the sound works in the negative.

Although it seems incredible, but who would have thought this smooth surface is a material that is used for luxury products world.

It seems like an ordinary plastic, but in fact not the case. Bose QuietComfort 35 using nylon materials that are still mild, but can provide durability, which is much better than the usual plastic. To the system, and stainless steel is still the main option for some products of headphones to get the effect of the springs and high durability.

The Headband that can be rolled up for more compact form, to make it easier to fit in a difficult case.

Make Earcupnya elongated oval shape and closed (Dynamic unlocked). Boss logo engraved on both sides of the earcup. In earcup to the right there are some essential part consists of power and Bluetooth, and three buttons to adjust the flow of the song and receive calls, and LED indicator battery status and Bluetooth port, wire microUSB, NFC immediately and a microphone. At the same time, on the left side audio ports can be found at the bottom of the earcup.

Wireless but still have a connection cable

Boss offers wireless connectivity in this option and you can communicate with smart devices or portable music which features Bluetooth and even NFC player. Fred Boss while providing audio port and cable in the sales package. It turned out to be prepared so you can continue to use the headphones when the battery is weak or depleted. In the box, Boss Boss called to load contact the Google Play store and play to get the new settings and update the look, off timer and connected devices.

When it runs, and the headphones also enable noise cancellation feature. Then when the music began to play, only to disappear in the world instantly and silently. It is no exaggeration, but it is like that. Not to mention the sound quality is cleared by the driver.

The quality of the separation and the details belonging to strength, vocal voice sounded very clean and maintained despite the strains tools also began to accompany. Bass bombing of this kind of music Techno EDM is also able to be displayed correctly in the ear. Also, the sound slightly change the character when you use a cable, where the bass will feel a little more solid.

Configuration Button set located on the right side earcup, including LED indicators and microUSB charging port wire.


Fooled again see, look like normal headphones, but who would have thought that these headphones have a very good quality. Even for a class of headphones with a wireless connection. Cancellationnya noise was terrific features and immediately began to glow when the headphones are turned on, and that makes the experience of listening to music to be very nice. The sound quality also can make you forget the world, and more dangerous, and battery resistance is also very strong and durable!

If you are interested in having these wireless headsets, you can click here to buy online.

+ + Advantages + +

+ High Quality Material
+ Light
+ The sound quality is okay
+ Long-lasting battery

- - Deficiency - -

- No option to turn off ANC feature


Frequency responseUNKNOWN
ConnectivityWireless and Cable
TransducerDynamic Closed
Dimension7.1 "x 6.7" x 3.2 "
Weight235 grams
Cable12 "
In Packaging Box- 1 Unit Bose QuietComfort 35
- Hard pouch
- 3.5 Adapter
- Cable
- Manual
IDR 6.499.000. | US$510
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Bose QuietComfort 35 Review 2017
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